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SCUBASCREEN Set To Splash At DEMA 2022

SCUBASCREEN are set to make a big splash when they feature at this year’s DEMA Show for the first time since their launch earlier this year. SCUBASCREEN is an eco-cosmetic brand made by divers for ocean lovers and they are keen to make sure they are recognised for all the right reasons. With their mantra of Human Happy - Reef Friendly - Earth Kind, they are singing the tune of an industry that thrives on supporting eco-products and innovation.

Erica Joyce, the ScubaScreen COO says, “Being at DEMA to showcase our uniquely formulated eco-cosmetics was always the dream for us. DEMA is filled with industry professionals who appreciate great design, innovation and eco-centric values and we believe SCUBASCREEN encompasses all of that. From our patented recyclable scuba tank packaging to the finest reef-friendly ingredients in our formulas, we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that divers and ocean lovers can trust what we put in our tanks to protect them, the reef and the wider environment.”

ScubaScreen was started by Frazer and Erica who both met while diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras and now live aboard their sailboat in the Caribbean. “We live on the ocean, it’s our home and our playground and we are committed to making products to protect it. Many people don’t realise that the chemicals in their haircare products are damaging to reefs, even when used miles from the sea. The science is clear that Endocrine Disruptors and Parabens cause havoc on the freshwater and marine ecosystems that divers love. We needed to create sustainable alternatives that didn’t compromise on function.”

“We’re keen to work with Dive Shops, Liveaboards, Instructors, Dive Masters and NGOs to spread the message of sustainability to all divers when it comes to the cosmetics people are using daily,” says Frazer, the CEO of SCUBASCREEN. “Only through education will we be able to change what people put on their bodies which eventually find their way to the ocean. People would be surprised how harmful some of the chemicals they are using daily can be to them and the environment.”

If you’re keen to find out more, you can find SCUBASCREEN at BOOTH 1757 at the DEMA Show 2022.

SCUBASCREEN launched in 2022 after years of formulation and research with top industry experts. They currently sell an eco-haircare range consisting of an Eco-Shampoo, Eco-Conditioner and Eco-Leave-In Conditioner designed specifically for ocean lovers.

For Information contact Erica Joyce (COO) at booth 1757.