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7 Haircare Tips For Men Who Love The Ocean

There is plenty of haircare information out there for women divers, but really not that much for men. Let’s face it the sun and the sea are a brutal pairing for anyone with medium to long hair.

Frazer Halliday here, the ocean loving CEO of ScubaScreen. As a sailboat captain and divemaster, I spend virtually every day in the sun and sea so I have come to know a thing or two about haircare for ocean lovers. After trying to grow my hair and grappling with endless tangles and a mop that looked like it'd been through a cyclone, I finally discovered the life-changing magic of a good leave-in conditioner. But fed up with the harsh chemicals found in traditional options, I took matters into my own hands and engineered a more eco-friendly alternative. Enter ScubaScreen, the ocean-friendly hair hygiene for the modern-day adventurer.

Navigating the waves of long hair can be a struggle, but worry not… Here's your 7-step guide to keep those locks shipshape and shiny:

1. Pre-Dive Rinse: Before you plunge into the deep blue, soak your hair in freshwater. Hair is porous and absorbs water. Soaking hair in fresh water before entering the water reduces the amount of salt and pollutants entering the hair. 

2. Tangle-Free Trick: For post-dive detangling, ScubaScreen Wreck Repair Eco-Leave-In Conditioner is your best mate. I was clueless that leave-in conditioner wasn't just for women, heck, I barely knew what it was. But this product, it's like a fast-track ticket to perfectly managed hair. It's a game changer for easy combing and on-the-go conditioning. It also protects the hair from UV rays!

3. Stay Fresh: Freshen up regularly with our First Stage Eco-Shampoo. Its mojito scent will keep you feeling minty fresh, no matter how gnarly the adventure. It has been specifically designed to strip out salt and contaminants from the hair and works in both fresh and salt water. 

4. Time It Right: Leave the conditioner in your hair for at least three minutes. This gives those natural ingredients time to get down to business.

5. Wind & Heat Protection: Braving the beach or up on deck? Shield your hair from the sun's harmful rays and knot-inducing winds. A hat or a bandana will do the trick.

6. Hydrate: Water is your best friend. Keep chugging that H2O for internal hydration that translates into healthy hair.

7. Healthy Diet: Feed your hair from within. A diet rich in lean proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins can help keep your hair as strong as a sailor's knot. (Spinach, Greek Yogurt, Eggs and Guava to name a few.)

Now, here's the kicker: Standard haircare products are often loaded with endocrine disruptors and parabens that can mess with your health big time. You don't want any of that! ScubaScreen products are all clear of these nasty chemicals, so you're not just protecting your hair - you're also keeping yourself and our oceans safe.

So there you have it, gents. With these simple steps and the right products, you can enjoy the sea and have great hair too. Until next time, dive on!